About Us

Production and profits. Legalities and language. HR and PR. You didn’t choose Dentistry as a profession to get mired in management issues, but that is exactly what traps so many dentists transitioning into a new practice.

And while patient care will always be king, resources rule if you want to build and maintain a high-performance practice. Where will you find the time to create the forms and learn the functions that support effective practice management? How can you best arm your team to increase productivity and patient service?

The team at Dental Practice Resource Group has one mission: to help dentists solve their practice related issues before they become problems. In the course of two decades of developing resources for use in our own thriving practices, we have produced a set of indispensible materials and compiled them into The Comprehensive Dental Practice Guide, to save you and your team time, money, and stress as you set your practice up for success.