Selling Trust

Educate, Empower and Sell Through Trust   Although most who work in healthcare view themselves as professional healers, they often have difficulty accepting and trusting their role as a sales person. Patients are customers and not showing them the goods is doing them a disservice. In reality, their very presence is a form of selling-buying […]

Finding Yes

Why No Means Yes     Patients expect you to solve their problems. They want and need you to find the yes. No is a powerful word and can shut people down quickly. Think back to childhood and how you felt when a parent replied no to your request, seemingly before you even finished the […]

Questioning Expectation

Ask Better Questions The key to a better life is asking better questions. The key to optimizing patient expectations and outcomes is to make sure they are asking the right questions. Take the following example: Patient: How much will this big filling cost? Staff: With insurance, about $75 for a composite or tooth-colored filling. Patient: […]