Ready To Begin? You are part of something amazing and have the opportunity to change lives every day. Not many professions can say that. Your patients like and trust that you will competently solve their oral health issues, but when you go beyond the expected your reputation will soar.   While not every example shared […]

Unfinal Touch

Keep Touching In the last section, we talked about what to do after the fact. This chapter focuses on keeping top of mind.   We are realists and know that going to the dentist or thinking about the dental office for that matter, is far from top priority for most patients. We carefully treatment plan […]

Checking In

  Following up with patients establishes confidence in your caring. This simple strategy is often overlooked or labeled a waste of time. Don’t make it a burden. These calls are short and to the point. Expressing concern is a welcome sentiment and lets the patient know your practice cares and is grateful. Other times a […]